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You may not hear this from many attorneys, but our goal is to keep your legal expenses at a minimum. We know that most people who are going through transitions in life (illness, injury, family issues, etc.) are not prepared to suddenly be overwhelmed by attorney bills and court fees.

We offer a short, no-cost,

no-obligation conversation

Call us at 734.769.9300. If we think you have a strong case, we’ll schedule an in-depth intake interview.

We don’t accept every case. We know the law and the system well enough to give a very good assessment of your likelihood of winning. We don’t think it’s fair to you to give false hope and drag you through a process that won’t be rewarding in the end. We promise to be completely up front about the strength of your case. If we accept your case, it’s because we believe, with you, that you deserve the Social Security Disability and/or SSI benefits you’re seeking.

SSD/SSI Contingency Fees

All lawyers who represent SSD/SSI clients charge at the same rate, which is specified by the Social Security Administration as 25% of the past-due benefits. Usually, the fee is limited (in 2017 the limit is $6000). 


Hourly Fees

Social Security Disability consultation | $250 /hr
(Separate from a claim or appeal) While we offer a no-obligation phone call at no charge, our hourly fees begin with the initial appointment.

Special Needs Planning | $200/hr.

While we offer a no-obligation phone call at no charge, our fees begin with the initial appointment.



Expenses are separate from and in addition to the fees in all cases. We might require that you make a deposit to cover future expenses or fees. Expenses include the actual cost of things like express or certified mail, mailing of items larger than a letter, payment to witnesses and experts, travel expenses, delivery fees, copies of medical or other records, and court costs.