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How We Help

Social Security Disability / Social Security Insurance

How We Help

We take on the maze of Social Security rules and procedures for you.
We offer the help only a strong legal team can provide:

  • gathering and analyzing evidence,
  • deciding the best course to take,
  • reviewing Social Security files,
  • writing briefs for hearings and appeals,
  • presenting a rock-solid case to the Social Security Administration.

Our goal is to leave no stone unturned, no fact misunderstood, no concept misstated.

We care about your case

First and foremost, we’re focused on helping you receive the Social Security benefits you deserve—not just some, but all the benefits you’re eligible for. It’s important to realize that winning your case means more than getting part of your benefits; for us, success is measured by how fully your claim is paid.

We care about your well-being

We’ve worked with thousands of clients who have been denied claims. We know that you’re likely facing numerous financial, health and social challenges while you wait for your claim to be approved. While our primary attention is given to your Social Security Disability or SSI claim, we want to make sure you’re receiving assistance with your daily challenges, too. We work closely with social workers, service agencies and other legal professionals to help you find the resources needed during this difficult time.

We care about your expectations

We don’t accept every case. We know the law and the system well enough to give a very good assessment of your likelihood of winning. We don’t think it’s fair to you to give false hope and drag you through a process that won’t be rewarding in the end. We promise to be completely up front about the strength of your case. If we accept your case, it’s because we believe, with you, that you deserve the Social Security Disability and/or SSI benefits you’re seeking.

We represent clients in Southeast Michigan, including:

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